Joel L Hunkes believed in only three things: money, hacking, and living by his tattooed mantra: “Do Ev1l”. He was the head of a huge organized crime crew called “The CyberNutz”. They are an international organization of hackers for profit. For the past 4 years, they terrorized the financial world without mercy. They hacked financial institutions, ran online gambling/game sites, and terrorized both the general public and governments. They were a force to be reckoned with.

Within the last year, in a series of surgical cyber strikes, The CyberNutz financially wiped out what was left of the Stratoz family. Stratoz was the original boss of the crew, but was found dead at the base of a tower last year. That case is seemingly still open. Joel had monopolized financial cyber crimes and was on top of the world.

Joel was found dead in the Metrotech sidewalk right outside of the ISIS Lab at NYU-Poly on September 18th at 9 PM EST. He was scoping out the latest hacknight to see what students really know how to do. As the ISIS Police Department (IPD) cordoned off the area, a crowd of onlookers began to form, but no one was coming forward claiming to have witnessed the murder and there was no weapon or indication of a struggle.

Chief Memon has put you on the case. He is not easy to please so be sure to follow proper forensic procedure. Make sure you provide supporting evidence for your analysis. Keep these questions in mind during your investigation:

  • What crimes did Cyber Nutz commit?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What financial assets do they have?
  • What is their organizational structure?
  • Who killed Joel L. Hunkes?

Your goal is not to answer the questions directly, but to provide supporting evidential analysis that will answer the questions. As you solve the crime piece by piece, don’t forget to enter your analysis on the Report Generator Website.

Download Evidence Here [Direct and Torrent]:
Download SHA1: 1861d664c1516a6a3e77627832e203deeeb0b049


HSF 2013 Prelims Walkthrough available here!