The games of the IX Olympiad are underway. The Organization for Unified Countries and Humanity (OUCH) has organized this Olympics to try and bring the world together in peace and happiness. They are controlling the Olympic Games by being the sole providers of all services. They provide technical, point of sale, medical, and security services for the entire event. 

As the opening ceremonies were about to take place, OUCH officials were astonished to see an object falling from the transmission tower toward the center of the Olympic field. To everyone’s dismay the object was Stratoz Gavas, the Assistant Chief of ISIS Cyber Crime Agency (CCA). In one hand he was clutching a smart phone and the in the other, a USB stick. Stratoz was tasked to digitally protect the games and its integrity.

ISIS CCA needs your help. We need you to continue Stratoz’ investigation. Help track down the malicious hackers and their methods, but most importantly, find out who killed Stratoz. 

Good Luck ! World peace and the Olympics depend on you !!!

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