Tonight, the cast of The ISIS Shore was scheduled to gather at the Poly Auditorium to announce Season 4 of their hit reality show. The series follows the lives of four housemates spending their summers at the ISIS Shore. This cultural phenomenon has given the old Gowanus Canal a new name, amid some controversy that took place over the past few seasons. You are a new Detective with New Poly City’s Cyber Crime Division and it’s your first day on the job. With a little luck and your handy toolkit, you’re sure to start your career with a bang! At 6pm, you were called to a gruesome scene that involved the notorious cast.  Use your knowledge, wit, and good old-fashioned forensics skills to solve the crime.

We invite you to recruit a teacher/mentor and a team of one to three motivated students to participate in our 2011 High School Cyber Forensics Challenge during CSAW. Students will discover the fascinating world of cybersecurity such as mobile device forensics, log and file analysis, rootkit detection and analysis, botnet detection and analysis, live system forensics, Steganography and file carving. Your school's team will battle against other elite teams – and the clock – as they solve this fast-paced mystery. 

Evidence can be downloaded here:

If you have problems with the torrent file, you may download the evidence directly from here:
HSF_2011_Preliminary_Solutions.pdf(63.96 KB) Mar 24 2013, 6:58 PM