Greetings Cyber Sleuths, 

Your partner just notified you that all suspects are still in custody…but only for a few more hours. You must submit a report proving who murdered Snooki on September 21, 2011. Suspect Interviews were completed yesterday, so you may want to review them before you examine the evidence. Bring the killer to justice or Chief Memon will show you the door! 


Where to listen & view Suspect Interviews:


The Situation:

Dan Guido:



Where to download Evidence:


What to submit:

- Investigative Report

You must submit a report (3-page MAX @10pt font minimum) in PDF format that summarizes your findings. This report will be used for scoring purposes. This report should contain all of your evidence and discoveries. Examples of findings can be: passwords found (including details on how they were obtained), Steganographic payloads, pivotal information, theories, and any new pertinent discoveries, etc.

- Supporting Documentation & Evidence:

Although there is no limit to the amount of supporting documentation & evidence, it is important to note that we are looking for quality, not quantity. For example: Screenshots, timelines, newly discovered evidence, files, explanations, etc. You can be as verbose as necessary to substantiate your findings and opinions, but we will only reference these items to verify your Investigative Report findings.  Please do not submit unnecessary files.  Your attachment must be in zip or tgz format.

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